December 28, 1944

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My friends, a long time has passed since we have heard nothing from each other. We've tried several times to contact you through the Red Cross, but they've never gotten an answer.

I hope that you will be well enough to deal with the circumstances, and we hope that the long war will soon be over. We're fine so far, just waiting for news from you, Mama and Grete.

Many greetings and kisses

Your Eve

Dear Parents, Gisela and Joachim, It is a great thought from all the news that newspapers are telling you to know what a terrible mess you all have to endure. We have hope that you have been lucky enough to escape the first. It very utterly obvious to us that we do not do anything to make things difficult. Hopefully, the jigsaw puzzle game will end soon, so we'll be gracing and helping you to connect.

With warm regards and kisses

Your Fritz