August 8, 1939

( 3 documents, 3 translations )


Age Refugees’ Settlement

Central Committee

Fritz Frankenberg, Esq., 2055, Harrison Avenue, Bronx, NEW YORK.

Dear Sir,

Re: Pauline Frankenberg, Reference 312.

I understand that you are to act as Guarantor for Mrs. Pauline Frankenberg, and would inform you that the conditions under which we are considering applications are as follows:- - - • A satisfactory medical certificate. - • Contract to be entered into for the maintenance of the Refugee in the Home at the rate of 30/- per week, one year’s maintenance plus £20 entrance fee to be paid in advance.

I shall be glad if you will be good enough to let me have your agreement on this basis.

Regarding the permit, would you please advise me if application has already been made to the Home Office for a permit, or if not whether you wish my Committee to assist in this matter, in which case please let me have the birth certificate or photostatic copy thereof, and two photos, also advise me if you are prepared to act as guarantor so that I can advise the German Jewish Aid Committee, in which case please send also the name of your Banker.

Yours faithfully, Hon. Secretary.

Letter 1

Thanking for your letter of August 8, 1939, I wish to inform you that I am willing to act as an guarantor for my mother, Mrs. Pauline Frankenberg, at present residing in Niehiem Germany.

I agree with those condi tiers as laid down in your letter.

Requiring the permit, I have not been informed by my relatives whether an application with The Home Office was filed or not. At any rate your assistance would be greatly apricated.

I advised my cousin Miss Susan Frankenberg, 13 Hill Rise, London N. W 11 to get in touch with you immediately with regards to the applications, the medical certificate, the birth certificate and the photos.

I am prepared to act as guarantor at any time I have a bank account with The Harlem Savings Bank Broadway at 181st Street New York.

Letter 2

My dear Fritz and Eva,

You know that it is not my style to use a lot of words, I only have to tell you that it is my dearest wish, that you may be happy with one another. You will be if you will always have the feeling that you can better meet together everything that is destined for you in the further life, good and difficult.

Unfortunately, the time is such that it is easy to think of difficult things for the future, but my wish for you is that the good always prevails.

You have the prerequisites for a happy coexistence. The best way to give Fritz was that you have always been so exemplary and selfless for us to this day. That may be the most reassuring thought for you for a happy future for you and Eva.

Make the previous day happy, my thoughts are with you.

I beg you. Let Eve, your parents and Geschitra convey my greetings and congratulations.

With warm greetings and kisses to Suse