August 3, 1939

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13 Hill Rise London NW 11

London, 3th [sic] August 1939

Dear Fritz, before I write you the desired letter, I want to alert you to the following. When Mrs. Sedlbach(?) receives my letter, she will, before responding to me, contact Lise, who probably told her that she has issued an affidavit for me. Lise will be angry about my letter, and there is more ???. But fact is that I will need a new affidavit if I want a new visa next year, because this one will no longer be valid [then]. Will L. issue a new affidavit if we push the matter? You must know better than I, I cannot imagine that 14 days of delay makes any difference to you, that’s why I am asking you first. But maybe she won’t answer me either. I therefore will wait for your answer regarding this.

I am glad to hear that you are no longer suffering as much from the heat. It has been raining constantly here, today, for instance, it hasn’t stopped even for a minute. I suppose you have received my 2 letters I wrote in the meantime, which probably eased your worries regarding Mama’s matter. Progress in this matter has been slow, and we must be patient. Of course, I will only be completely calm when the emigration(?) has taken place, or when both

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have arrived here. They seem to be very impatient, I can imagine how hard it is for ???. At the moment, they are bombarding me with packages, and I am constantly having to pay customs duty, and I have been very clear about it, but Mom won’t be deterred. She means well, but it is not necessary to have one’s hard-earned money, which we desperately need, pulled out of one’s pocket. I have saved £11 so far.

Last Sunday, I visited Mrs. Rosenthal. She looks horrible, like all Immigrants who arrive, she is very nervous, but I was very happy nonetheless. She gave me a letter from L. to read, who asked her to join his new business. He needs more money. He himself has $2,000, and he wants to open a ???, of course jointly with others. He [says] he had meetings with important people from ??? ??? ???, and he is on a roll [not sure of the German expression]. But Mrs. R. does not want to, because he did not offer her enough profits.

I will continue writing soon.

All my love and kisses for today, also for(???) dear Erchen(?)

Your Suse.