March 20, 1939

( 2 documents, 1 translation )


???, the money for the ship ticket has been reimbursed to Mama(?) after many telegrams and phone calls (minus 50) because I was unable to wait for the decision by the sea travel office.

My language skills are sufficient for now. I can get by pretty well, especially when I am out and don’t need to converse. Mr. Cooper said that I speak better than my cousin. She speaks English with such a Cologne accent!!

Dear Evchen, I was really unable to come to Hamburg. I was worried you would be sulking about it, but I also emigrated and no one even accompanied me to the train in Cologne. The border control was uncomfortable, but not so bad. I only needed to take off my shoes, and I kept my watch and ring while they took everything from ???.

I did not throw up but I was close. You ask what is happening in Germany, I hope not a war while everyone is still there. Don’t you listen to the radio? My people always send me German news. I did not receive the Madelbach(?) affidavit. I hope to hear from you soon.

Be well, Evchen, you will have to learn to cook differently, everything is different here.

Much love and kisses

Your Suse