February 12, 1939

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Bonn, February 12th, 1939

My dear ones,

Since I have a lot of time today, for a change, and I don’t know what the week will bring this time, I will write to you from here. I am on a long trip again, which is the only way to do this from Nieheim. I have been traveling for 4 days, stopping in Paderborn, Cologne, Brun(?), Cologne, Münster, Paderborn = done! So far, I have accomplished everything, having received the English visa yesterday, and the Belgian transit visa, and now I hope that I will be able to travel soon. But I won’t be able to set a day when my affairs are in order. Otherwise, I would have to leave without that having happened, and I would only do that if worse came to worst—but I think people are waiting patiently in England. I cannot really ask Grete to send my possessions to me after I leave, not knowing yet what she will do with her own when I am no longer there. But it will all work out and we will somehow find someone who takes care of everything. In Cologne, I spent 2 nights with ???, they are also busily preparing—i.e., not so busily—but still getting ready to emigrate. They also have their permit and hope to leave in 3 weeks. The mother-in-law will go to her daughter who

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is married in England and works in a department store. I just received a card from Mama in which she mentions your letter, dear Evchen. So, on the ship, you only joined Fritz in Bed out of sympathy? Oh, if only I were seasick!! I can’t wait to hear about it. You write every week, won’t you? I will add my London address, too. I hope to arrive there by the time you receive this letter. Aunt Adele is doing very well, she has a cozy setup here, she is the most hardworking of ???, having found the ominous address. Hopefully, it will help the entire family. She is due to arrive here tomorrow and she will be deposited here. Aunt Adele is supposed to write to you as well, that’s why I will close here, all the best to you both and much love and kisses from your Suse.

Dear Fritz and Eva, I am happy to have ??? the opportunity to write you directly, if just a little bit. As Suse mentioned, I am doing very well. But let’s strike the very, and let’s say “under the circumstances”. It would be alright if it wasn’t winter. I always hear from you via Nieheim, and I am very happy to hear good news. The address for Len???ters was discovered by a certain Mr. Steinberg from Berlin, whom I had asked to do a search, and I am still waiting for it, he wanted to come here on Saturday and bring it, but he did not come, had urgent business that prevented him, and ??? with Mrs. Steinberg (his mother) that he would send me the address, that he had been able to send it before that (???).

But he hasn’t come yet today on February 13th. Should it [the address] not arrive by 4 o’clock, I can still mail this letter tomorrow. When you have the address, I would ask you to to visit these gentlemen and find out what the situation is. Whether these people can be relied on. He is our father’s brother’s son, so our cousin. But we haven’t corresponded with them since grandpa’s death,

Left side, vertical:

c/o Mrs. E. Cooper 13 Hill Rise Hampstead Garden Suburb London N.W.11

this will all transpire soon. I will also write to him directly. I hope you are still doing well.

since the uncle had already died, as far as I remember. For now, I want to make sure, though that he sponsors Lonis and you (all). In that case, I might be able to stay in England since I cannot work any more

Top, upside down:

All the best wishes

Your Adele