January 12, 1939

( 3 documents, 1 translation )


Zablotow, January 12th, 1939


Dear Fritz and dear Eva, at last our most fervent wish has come true, and we can write to you together to America. We hope that Eva has had a safe passage. Here, the weather has turned ugly. It is warm, and the snow has melted, and it is very muddy outside. This is very unusual, because it is normally very cold during this time of the year. So what is the weather like over there?

Eva can now enjoy her walks on “Broadway”. Tell us all about what it looks like over there. We are eager to receive your first letter from there.

Do you remember how we were laughing about you receiving the first letter to America on this writing paper? Now it has really happened.

Yesterday, I received a card and a package with writing paper from Suse. I was very happy to receive it.

I hope she will go to England soon now.

How nice that you are together again for your first wedding anniversary.

I hope the coming years will bring more luck than the past. We have a favor to ask you, would you please send us a schedule when the ships leave London so that we can plan accordingly. We always send letters to London via air mail, because, as you know, not many ships leave from Edingen(?). We would also love a schedule of when the ships leave New York so we can know when to expect mail. Please confirm the date that you receive this letter.

So much for today, lots of love and kisses

Your Gisela