December 1, 1938

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Zablotow, January 12, 1938

Dear Evchen,

I just received your registered letter. You cannot imagine how happy I was. The children were jumping around, and you could tell what it is like when you are on your own like we are right now and you expect to receive your possessions. Thank you for running those errands. As soon as the shipments arrive, we will let you know. But you did not include a list. Did you end up finding it? It may have been left behind. So, dear Evchen, I will let you know in my next letter what should be sent next. Today I did some laundry, Gisel baked a marble cake for shabbas, and now it is a bit late, and Joachim needs to go to the post office, very much

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was ??? We are happy that it is possible to send things. Dear Evchen, did you receive the registered letter from the day before yesterday? I hope you will be able to orient yourself with Mr. Mielke’s help, and please let P. know before you sell. I wonder if we might be able to get 500 Mk for the entire dining room together? Needless to say, without the sheer curtains, which I would like to bring here if possible. That is, should we get another apartment.

We are doing well, and I hope you are, too. As long as we all stay in good health, maybe times will change again. I just wish we could get together again sometime. I have not heard from Fritz.

Much love and kisses for today

your loving parents, Gisela + Joachim

Give our regards to L., I’m glad that L. is able to ??? for you.