November 28, 1938

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Typed Letter

With this I authorize my daughter Eva Frankenberg, Rath, residing in Leipzig, Grusiusstr 1/11 sur disposal about my stuff in my apartment in Leipzig, Vrusiurstr.1 / 11, laundry, clothes and furniture. That person is also authorized to give my name to third persons and to represent me in all authorities.

Kolomyia, 29 November. 1938.

Repertory number 927 / 38.-

I certify to those who are not personally known to me, Naclman Rath, currently in Zabłoty, whose identity I have established on the basis of my passport issued by the Polish Consulate in Leipzig on March 4, 1938, Number 5298 / - I signed this document myself. The stamp duty was not taken after 112 and 142 u.o.s. As a notary deed, 21 notary fees were deducted for the amount of gold.

Kolomyia, on the twenty-eighth day of November in the year one thousand nine hundred and thirty-eight.