November 25, 1938

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Zablótow, November 25, 1938

Dear Evchen,

Your dear letter dated the 22nd arrived this morning. We also suspected that Mr. D. would not easily let us out [of our lease]. But, dear Evchen, it might be right for us to wait until December. This would give us hope that we might be able to bring our possessions here. But we were mostly trying to ensure you would not have to pay any rent. Perhaps the apartment can still be rented out. I will be going to Kolomea to visit the notary on Monday morning with Papa. We will then visit the committee there to ask them detailed questions. I read about Suse. Of course, it would be nice if she could do something for Gisel. Everything we do right now is to ensure that you will safely be reunited with Fritz.

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Then we hope, that you will help us for the children, and, God willing, us as well, so that we can all be reunited. I can currently not say anything about the sale but I hope to know more next week. Please don’t sell the radio yet to Mrs. N. These items are very valuable here, and we want to first try to see if we can get something. I will let you know about the picture. Where can you sell the wine? Keep the brandy for yourself, possibly a few good bottles for Mother. If needed, ask Papa again regarding prices. Westreich only pays 1 Mrk per bottle. Why don’t you take 1 bottle to the Messerschmidt’s and Löwenstein’s. Have you asked Singer regarding the watch? And did you pick up J’s book? Did Mr. Mann give you anything?

[Left side, top to bottom:]

Uncle L?i wrote to us, sent us 100 Zloty. Isn’t that ???

Please don’t send any more chocolate. It did not arrive. Dear Evchen, did you find any laundry tickets? Did Mrs. W.(?) take the rest of the washing, the linen from the rental?

I hope to write in more detail about all of this next Tuesday. Much love and kisses until then

from all of us

your loving Mutti

Dear Mrs. Löwenstein, dear Grete,

We would like to send our regards and thank you again and again for everything you do for Eva. It is such a comfort for us in this situation. We are in good health and we hope for a solution in this situation. Who can know how and when. Evchen will tell you how we are doing,

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and if only Eva can safely leave Germany, we will bear everything else. –

We hope you will enjoy continued good health.

Your Rath family

Dear Eva, if Mama’s invoices haven’t arrived yet, please call and ask her whether they have taken care of this. Also please tell Heinz that I am surprised not to have a response to my letter to the Kwuzah(?). Papi wants to know if the M’s are thinking about going to Poland.

Much love and kisses to you