November 21, 1938

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Zablotów, November 21, 1938

Dear Eva, thank you so much for picking up my dress from Miss Thieme’s. I think she charged a lot of money this time. It would have been a shame to leave the dress there, given that I need every single one here so much. Just imagine, I am going to make lots of money! I will teach some English lessons here. The first one is tonight at 6. Isn’t that great? Yesterday, I went to the movies with some friends. Needless to say, I didn’t understand anything because it was in Polish. I have already made friends here and they sometimes invite me. That way, at least, time passes. If you see Helga, please tell her that I am waiting for her response to my letter. We are always happy to receive mail. I can’t wait to get the hair curlers, because

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my hair looks horrible, as you can imagine. Please say hello to Roseruth and Aunt and Uncle. By the way, how are Uncle Albert and Aunt Toni? What are they suffering from? You didn’t tell us anything about that. You ask where we talked to Miss Krummbein and Miss Grünberg. We rode from Leipzig to Beuthen with the entire Krummbein family and we lost them there. Mutti ran into Miss Grünberg at the collection camp after crossing the border. When Papa once went to Kolomea, he encountered Miss Krummbein and Miss Grünberg again. Kolomea is about half an hour from here. Felix went to Krakow. Polish is horribly difficult to learn. We already know a few words. I am going to close for today and send you much love and kisses

Your Gisela

SIDE: Please give my love to Grete L. and her mother as well

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[Top, upside down:]

Much love and kisses from us all today

From your loving mother

Give my love to all relatives and friends,

especially to Grete and [her] dear mother

Dear Evchen,

We just received your letter dated the 19th and we are relieved to hear of your circumstances. By now you should have received the letter from Saturday, we wonder if Mr. D. is letting you leave on November 30th. Did you talk to Grete, and will it be possible for her to take our possessions? If not, please head over to Mr. Steiner, perhaps he has a buyer for them so that you have [money] for your ship ticket. Also, my golden watch is under my lingerie in the middle drawer. Please offer it to Singer. It will likely bring 125 Mrk. If he doesn’t want to offer that much, go to Mr. Westreich. He will sell it for you somewhere so you don’t have to be without money. Who knows if we will ever see some of our possessions again, so you should at least have it. Just sell anything you want.

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[Top, upside down:]

Most importantly, you should be able to get away.

Those are now our only thoughts(?). Papa hopes to register his business in January so that he

We don’t hear anything here, only what we read in your letters. Hopefully, you will be able to take your things to the movers. How awful that you have to run around so much to send our items. Hopefully, we will be able to get some clothes. If possible, please bring our scarves, bottom left in the linen closet, Gisel’s is in the first drawer in the closet, a blue nighgown for me, Joachim’s warm pajamas, possibly one for Gisel, some warm gloves, mine are in the bathroom, Gisel’s are with her scarf, Papa ?? and ??, J.’s brown suit with both pants, Papa’s gaiters in the kitchen bench, socks that you can find, long socks, possibly two aprons, for me and Gisel, my red robe. You will see what you can find. Every item we can have here will make us happy. J.’s lace-up shoes under the bench, Papa’s good black shoes – Have you heard from Fritz? Hopefully. We are in good health. I have been sleeping alright. My thoughts won’t rest. But we are here together and surrounded by help, although everything is difficult.

[Right side, bottom to top:]

be able to work a little

[Left side, top to bottom:]

Gisel’s brown skirt is hanging on the clothes hook in my room