November 18, 1938

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I. Zablotów, den 18.11.38

Dear Evchen,

Your express letter arrived this morning. You should have received the letter dated the 16th by now. I also had the idea of storing our belongings with Löwensteins. Now it is just a matter of whether Mr. Dittrich lets us out of our lease without an additional payment. That would be the best solution. We will write to Dittrich now, take the letter downstairs on Monday and explain to him very clearly our and your situation due to our emigration. Papa just visited the notary here. Assets and furniture and possessions should be registered here. We are trying to get them here through negotiations, for instance furniture and possessions as moving items. It would be good for us if that was possible. At any rate, please talk to L. It would be a great relief for us if our items could remain there.

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We pay L. for the room, possibly for two. You can’t get a power-of-attorney until next week. Papa has to go to Kolomea(?) to take care of this. Have you spoken with Mr. Westreich(?). Remember that he is in contact with the consulate, and they must know if we can receive our possessions. Dear Evchen, I can imagine that you don’t know what to do now. But if the furniture can go to L.’s then you will at least be rid of the apartment. ??? your things can then find a mover. Talk to Grete to find out what she wants for storing the furniture. I would really be happy if that was possible. If that works, I hope you could go to Nieheim soon. Regarding the sale, tell us when you need the money. Be sure to sell something, just not the radio and F.’s bike. We need it here.

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It’s important for Suse to come. When the time comes, I will write to you in more detail. Mrs. Weidmer knows about the attic and basement, and she will also help you.

Dear Evchen, I have to close now to take the mail to the post office. Are you using Ury’s food? It is behind the bedroom closet. Feel free to give some to L. because some things don’t keep so well. Take 5 pounds of flour over to Mrs. Löwenstein. Of course, don’t take any payment for it. I am happy that they are all so good to you.

Give everyone our love, 1000 times love and kisses

from all of us

your loving


Papa’s signatures are for the post office. Please fill out. You may need another one.

SIDE: Please write ???, ??? you have with ??? ???.