November 16, 1938

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Letter 1 Page 1

We have been numbed by what happened to us and have been unable to tell you more details about our fate. Through Eva and the press, you probably have heard that we had to leave D [Germany?]. On October 28, at 6:30 a.m., all of us, including Eva were taken to the police station. G.s.d, was just allowed to leave again, because she is German. From the police station, we were taken from a bus to the train and to Beuthen after a 13-hour ride. [We were] dropped off there and taken to Polish territory after a 3-hour walk through the dark night. It is impossible [for us] to give details about the event, because it was so horrible. After days of further transports [organized by] helpful ???, we arrived here on Monday afternoon. Dad’s home is so deep in here, we are 10 kms from the Rumanian border. We are being supported incredibly well by the cultural community, we were assigned a small apartment, helpful Jews brought beds, pillows, chairs. So we at least have a roof over our heads and beds for sleeping. For our preliminary support, the community established a fund. We don’t know what happens from here on, whether we can bring some of our possessions.

Letter 1 Page 2

In addition, the pain resulting from our sudden separation from our child, she is now all alone, and we want to thank God when we know she is with you. She is sleeping at the Löwensteins’, it is wonderful how you and others as well have been helping her. Eva still hopes for our return, which seemed possible initially. But now, all negotiations have been ended, and we don’t think that something else will happen. If only we could get our possessions. Winter here is almost Siberian cold, I was wearing my summer coat, as did Joachim.

As Eva wrote to me, Suse had immediately called on that black Friday, and she writes daily, whether she should go [stay with] Stefan(?). That is very good of her. She is now in R., and we should be a bit more patient, whether we dissolve our household and where to put everything.

Lisel and Joachim also have had a terrible fate. They are both so sad ???, in a country where they don’t speak the language, and in which the situation of the Jews also is cause for concern. Because of this concern, I am asking you again and pleading with you to help them both. If only a houshold affidavit would be possible for Gisela? Here in Stanislaw, not far from here, an emigration consolation office, like the benevolent society D. [Germany?]. I will write them and ask for information. We were told that once favorable documents

Letter 1 Page 3

have arrived, it would be possible to emigrate within 5-6 months. The American consulate is in Warsaw. Very far from here. But the community board has assured Dad that there is a special fund has been established. [We wonder if] there are helpful Americans that would be willing to help young, unfortunate people over [to the U.S.]? – Please consider this, we would be very thankful for any positive news. We hope that this letter reaches you in good health, longing to hear from you soon, and sending you much love.

Mom, Dad, Gisela & Joachim

Letter 2 Page 1

Zablotów, den 18. Nov. 38

Liebes Evchen!

Last night, we received your dear letter dated the 13th. We sent a card in the afternoon, which we assume you received, as well as Saturday’s letter. Dear Evchen, your letter really has us worried. How is it possible that you have been let go? But you should receive your pay until the first of the month. And [you have] also exhausted [your] possibilities with Mr. H. I am beside myself. We are just receiving blow after blow. Hopefully, something can still be done about this. – I thought you had already paid for the ship passage. You are going, right? S(?).G(?). wants to [take] the Deutschland on January 19th. If only we knew what to do with the apartment. Whether we should pay the rent or write to Mr. D. from here to tell him about our difficult situation. We are not sure if he will let us break our lease right away. But what should we do with our possessions? Mr. Steinert told me not long ago that he might help me with the sale of the dining room. We might ask him. Sometimes, he can find buyers, but it might go to an auctioneer. As much as I would like for you to go to Nieheim, we need to ask you to remain in L. for a short while. [We are] talking here about finding a way to bring our possessions here.

SIDE: Dear Eva, Suse hasn’t written us yet. And the chocolate hasn’t arrived yet either. The community leader who has been taking such good care of us here, asks you to write to the following address and ask how they are doing. Have them respond to you, and then write back to us. The address is:

Mathilde Popper Kassel Oberste G. 34.

The community leader’s name is Nathan Kern from Zablotów.


Letter 2 Page 2

Why don’t you ask around in L. whether Mr. Westring(?) knows about this? Please give [them] a call. Dear Evchen, J.’s(?) bank book is in the closet. Withdraw the money. You need to eat and drink properly, and you need to stay strong. If we should sell, you will take what you need. Have you called the Manns? Papa thought he might receive money for contract work [he did for them]. Have them give it to you. I will also include Bottina’s(?) coupon. Go get yourself something for it.

I sent a long letter to Fritz, and we hope that he will write soon. Did you receive a letter in the meantime? We have 2 suitcases, your small one and the one you brought to the train. You had put some clothes for each person, the grey skirt suit for Gisel and my blue checkered blouse and the yellow jacket, my blue dress and Papa’s grey pants that belong to the good suit. The 8 comforters and Gisels blue coat are included. We are glad you brought these. When we spent the night at the border, one of our many misfortunes was that I left my warm nightshirt, and that leaves me with one. Today, Regina wrote to the siblings that apparently, they were not allowed to send old things. What did you hear? Gisel asks you if you have called Miss ???. G has her blue dress outside. Maybe Miss J.(?) might send it inside to you. [These sentences were a bit hard to make sense of. I did my best without trying to interpret anything.]

Well, dear Evchen, I will close for today. Give my love to your dear ones, especially Mrs. Löwenstein and Grete. Do you spend much time with Röschen H.?

Much love and kisses to you from all of us

Your loving Mutti

SIDE: Yesterday, Papa’s sister and brother-in-law from Wynograd(?) arrived, wanting to see us. 9 hours by ???. Sister is very nice and [they] were deeply moved by our fate.

TOP: What became of the feathers? Were you able to sell them? Let them ??? a little cheaper, we know you need the money.