November 7, 1938

( 3 documents, 1 translation )


Zablotow, November 7, 1938

Dear Eva,

We just received your card dated the 5th. You must be busy, maybe someone can help you with the setup(?). Do you visit the apartment regularly? It might be a good idea to have ??? come to you so that you could be together. If only we knew how long it will take until we will be notified. We are still hoping to be able to return home. Gabers wrote to us, they don’t know any details in Kr. either. Aunt Röschen also just wrote to us, she let me know that Aunt Redel(?) is in the hospital. Lotte has not written at all. It turned freezing cold over night here, and I and Joachim have no winter coats. I cannot leave the house.

Dear Groshen(?), please write what it is like at home. How is the ??? Or is Ms. Kind(?) taking care of it. Do you have the laundry from Ms. ??? She was paid for last Wednesday. Have you checked the pantry? There was some meat for cooking.

Did(?) Gerda take care of the apartment? Did Mannes(?) contact you? Are you sleeping at Löwensteins’? We are all in good health, of course I don’t sleep much at all, not surprisingly. We are living with Bertha and Simon in the living room, bedroom and kitchen, received pots and dishes from ???, all food was sent. People sacrifice themselves, it can hardly be described. Often, people will come and ask us just to tell them what we need. Don’t worry, God will lead us out of this misfortune. We are just happy that you have such good friends. Is there any mail from Fritz? Did you receive the letter at Löwensteins’ yesterday morning.

Give (our) love to all friends. For you, lots of love and kisses from all of us.