November 4, 1938

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Zablotow, November 4, 1938

Dear Evchen,

Yesterday, your registered letter arrived, and I read what happened. Well, dear Evchen, we wrote again to Krakow, so that the district administration will be informed immediately when the return transport will start. We await this with great anticipation, we will return immediately if we can. We were on the road for 4 days, the first days we slept at relatives' houses, it is too cramped there. So we got unfurnished rooms with a kitchen, and the committee set up beds, tables, and chairs. People are very helpful here. I am just happy that people are helping you so much, and we will never forget this!

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The children are longing for you, Papa and I are so upset. We should see each other before you leave to join Fritz! We hope that a decision will be made soon.

Dear Evchen, how(?) did you do with the rent? Mrs. Weidmer brought the laundry. Put it in the cupboard. Maybe someone will help you put the list together now. You can have someone open the desk and the sideboard, I have the keys in my pocket. Did you finish H. with ??? Please tell me about everything. I have so much to write, but my thoughts are still so confused.

I have been to Krakow with Aunt ?rdel(?) and Lotte, they are there, but they haven't written me yet. Gabers(?) are also in Kr. with relatives, Filix(?) Simon and Brotsa(?) are with us. The others are at home, it seems. Cancel the phone, or have you already done so? Rolls(?) have to be paid for the week, as well as milk until Friday. Do you have to turn in the butter cards? They are in the old folder between the ???.

We are truly in good health, we have food, but we feel great longing. Löwensteins send their warmest greetings, and I will never forget that they took care of you so lovingly. Gisel asks you to call Helga when you have time, and ask her for those addresses. Ask her to write to her when she has time. We wrote to Manns, didn’t P. have some contract work from this company? Mr. Mann will get those contracts for us and give you the money. I will also write to Messerschmidts with the next letter, please give them my regards. Did Rose(..?) start cooking?

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What does Fritz write? Send me a few pictures of you. Dear Evchen, sending you love and 1000 kisses.

Your parents, Gisel and Joachim

The children are now with the aunt. We will write to them in our next letter. The letter must be mailed by 4 o’clock.