October 28, 1938

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N.Y., October 28, 1938

Dear Puppiken: - Well, first I would like to tell you how glad I am that you finally have limited prospects for a visa. I think you can leave immediately after receiving it. Now you can do everything you need before you leave. I will write soon what else I want you to take care of. It is not much - maybe nothing at all. I would already like to point today that you should not bring any items with you that could cause you any problems at customs.

Of course, I can insure your items here. Just tell me the value and the ship the items will be on, i.e., your ship. Under no circumstances should your belongings trave on another ship. Everything should be in the travel luggage on the ship you are travelling on. Otherwise you will have difficulties with customs clearance. In any case, you should go to Nieheim for a few days, preferably at Christmas. But be careful not to catch a cold. That time of the year, N. is different than around Pentecost. Of course, I will wait until you get here before renting a different room. We may rent a small (unfurnished) apartment. I will talk this over with you later.

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I just spoke with Miss Tadakuma and gave her your regards; she sends her regards in return. Mr. Kauthal’s address is as follows: Kauthal c/o Y.M.C.A. Columbia, South Carolina – He tells me he has a comfortable position in C. He was lucky! Please give the enclosed letter to Aunt Toni. Seal it after reading it. You can also mail it. By the way, I had to go to the post office twice, because you requested an investigation regarding the lost letter. What were you trying to achieve? There’s no point anyway. I still have to write to N., and I need to take care of something for Gartenbergs. They have been bugging me – just like I wrote to you not too long ago.

That’s why I am closing today. I hope everyone is in good health, sending much love and 1000 kisses to you.

Your Fritz

It is possible to bring a young girl here based on a service contract (for domestic work). But these types of visa are subject to the immigration quota.