September 25, 1938

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310 Lexington Ave., New York City, New York July 25, 1938.

My Dear Mrs. Frankenberg: -

Thanks so much for the lovely box of chocolate candy and your (?) kindness extended before my departure.

Once week after leaving Bremenhafen (?), we got in New York two and half hours later on account of the storm, besides it was “Friday”, my most unlucky day. To make the story short, the voyage was terrible! The sea was rough, it rained, and the blizzard was bad. It made most of the passenger’s sea-sick.

I met Mr. Frankenberg the following day between his lunch hour. It certainly feel good to see him. Your husband is looking very fine. He also has a good position and is working over-time all the time. By the way, I gave him those things you gave me to give him.

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It has been already ten days since I arrived here but I have not found any appropriate work. Despite it, I feel good to be back and I’m taking the advantage of it my resting so I’ll be in good healthy when I get to working.

The weather has been terribly warm – much warmer than in Leipzy (?). But during the past week, it has rained every day – in fact some section of New York was flooded. Since yesterday, it’s eased up a bit – Of course the rain has made it cooling, too.

Well, your husband is sending you an affidavit, so I’m sure you’ll be able to come in a very near future. I’ll come to greet you at the pier if I should happen to be in

New York.

I hear that August the 6th is your birthday I wish you the best of luck and health and trust that you’ll enjoy the coming year better than the past one.

I appreciate learning from you Please give my kindest regards to Mr. Singer and Mrs. Buckshaum (?). I’m going to write them tomorrow, but I am afraid the letters will be too late for the boat leaving day after tomorrow.

Well take a good care of yourself in the meantime.

Yours most sincerely, M. Tadakuma (?)