September 5, 1938

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New York, September 15, 1938

My dear Puppiken, though I may not be worried, I still wonder why I received only one postcard from you last week, and there has been nothing this week. Is there a specific reason or are you just too lazy to write or don’t have anything to say?

I wanted to write a longer letter to you this week, but I had to unexpectedly work until 10 all week so that I didn’t have the opportunity to write. Since the Europa sails tonight, I am using my lunch break to write a few lines to you so that you know I am well, which I assume about you and everyone else as well. But I am a bit worried about your trip given the alarming news from Europe.

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If I [covered up by paper] human … not quite comfortable with this news. People who don’t know the European situation must think that it could start at any time. However, I now think that we will be spared once again this year. But as soon as you have your visa, don’t delay your departure any longer than absolutely necessary. You never know how things develop. My time is up. That’s why I will have to close. I hope this ship brings me a letter from you. Please send this one to Nieheim because I didn’t write to them this week.

Kisses for you and much love to all.

Your Fritz

Dear Mama, Grete, thank you so much for your letter; I think I will respond on Sunday.

Your F.