August 20, 1938

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Typed Letter

Leo P e l z Berlin NW 67 Jagowstr 5 Garden house II Berlin, Aug. 20, 38

Dear Mr. Eitingon!

Unusual circumstances sometimes require unusual steps. So please excuse me in advance if I come to you with a rude request.

But before I offer you my request, I would like to tell one of you briefly how I know you. I am the former soldier of a Leipzig regiment whose acquaintance made you at the end of 1918 at a newspaper in Kiev. In the course of this fleeting process, I was cast in my house a few times and kept the accompanying business card from that time on.

After the war I moved to Berlin and had an independent trade in textiles. By legal measures, I lose my existence on September 30, and see myself confirmed, since earning a living in Germany has become impossible for me to emigrate.

I still remember very well, dear Mr. Eitingon, your formerly friendship-like disposition for me in a very difficult time and ask you not to refuse me even this time your help, if I ask you, by the position of an affidavits entry to United States.

One more obligation should not be connected with this for you, of course, because I am firmly convinced that I will find work quickly.

You will understand that the tremendous Jewish misery has caused me to write this extraordinary letter, and I would be indebted to you, if you would comply with my request.

In the expectation of a favorable decision, I remain with the best people.