June 15, 1938

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Typed Letter

My dears, I am so busy, I would like to write to all of you and would also like that my letter travels with today departing Bremen. Therefore, like last time, I take refuge in the "family letter". This should not become a habit, at least as long as my dear wife is still there. Yes, my dear Evchen, you have a right to a separate letter, all for you alone and will get it back soon. I got 10 letters today with Bremen. How should a person be able to answer that. Among them was the von Evchen vom 6.6 as well as picture postcard v. Ammelshain, the Nieheim 6.6 and the Rostock 7.6. First of all I would like to mention that I disagree with you lb.Grete. Apart from a few rows, you only wrote 1/2 a page under a letter from Mama. I hardly believe that post has been lost here. If you wrote meanwhile, that would be the only letter. I am sorry that you are not satisfied with my letters in general. Unfortunately, I am unable to produce reports as they are to be read in the C.V.Zeitung. It may sound paradoxical that on the one hand I am unemployed, on the other hand I have no time to make a mood report. I have told you how I spend my days, and besides, our current correspondence can only be handled as a question and answer game. I repeat, however, that in the morning I drive to the city and spend the mornings there to find a position. Of course, I relax in between times for an hour. You have to do everything verbally and in writing. As a result, I have a lot to walk and write too. I have waited more than once for 5 to 10 times 3 hours for someone and then did not speak to him. I feel healthier in Germany than in Germany, and by no means uncomfortable with the way one has to look for a job here. I had imagined it that way. I could already have been in positions, but I did not want them, because I have something in mind and have enough time to pursue this goal for the time being. If I do not feel like chasing or the weather is too warm for me, I lie on the lazy skin. Especially you, lb.Mama, other I know that you are worried, I would like to say that I feel very well, and that I am satisfied and glad that I am here. I do not know if you disbelieve Thomas believe me, but unfortunately I can not do anything but assure you. I could write, I found a job and earn 30D. the week. But why? I'm so happy too, because things have not turned out so far that I'm somehow anxious. Your letters, Lama and Grete, make the impression that there are still many things to tell, but you refuse them for any reason whatsoever. You are welcome to write everything that happens to me. I am not so squeamish and besides, I am of the opinion that I am not doing things for things in which I can not change at all. What is the Kamp doing? What Gentzsch? What the sold garden? What else is new in Nieheim? Greetings to all acquaintances, You know who comes into question. Please tell me to write to him in about 8 days because I still have a meeting for Helmut. However, today I can say that this thing is not very promising. Dear Suse, Mr. L. has written me a nice letter. I will occasionally answer him. As for Mr Friedlander, Grete is not right. You did it right. Here it means either - order. Have I already written a headhound letter? I do not think so. The only thing that bothers me about this life is that Evchen is sitting over there. But I hope you. lb.Evchen, in September at the latest here. Do not listen so much to Frl.L in this regard. If you have the aff. have, do you prefer it. You only have to go to the consul and tell him how things are with us, then you get out of line. This is not a joke but a fact. I hope that I have the aff. can send in 10-14 days. Certainly it is not. I hope you are convinced that I am doing everything to reduce the waiting time. I can not give you any advice on how best to educate yourself economically. I do not understand it and have to leave that to you. You do not need to be a perfect housewife, just to know what's going on in the kitchen and in the house. Of course you know that, says Mama Rath, but I think you should know it more thoroughly. Surely you will be glad in Nieheim, if you get him, but because of the awakening you do not need to travel there. Your mother can do that as well as mine! I also had a letter from G. He is more interested in America. Since you must have been wrong. I will tick the desired films with the next post. I write this letter to L., and when I go home, the letter certainly does not reach Bremen. I did not contact Dr. Lindemann, but I had the intention to do it and will do it shortly. Greetings please. Ury heartily from me and tell her, she would get a letter later, when the times would be quieter. From. Heart I had a short but nice letter. I did not think he could write such a letter. Order him a nice greeting, tell him, I thanked him very much for his letter and would write to him soon. Dr.Hallemann is the only one I have not visited yet, I go to see him these days. It did not work that way. Do not buy elekt. Stove. If you can get an iron for 110 volts AC (my cousin just says it would be irrelevant to ironing whether they are for DC or Wcc current) buy it. Otherwise not. I do not want to mix with your light clothes. Buy what you need. I just did not advise you to buy too much. It's too hard to put that stuff in here. Of Franken I have not heard the least. As good as G., he could have written me some rhymes as well. Please get me the Adrsse. Write me a bit more English, so you can practice. Do not be so anxious about it for God's sake. Only from speaking. Reading, writing is learned, but not when you shut your mouth. The few lines were very nice, almost without mistakes. Taking a little trip does not mean to make a trip but to take a trip. As a result, it says: We took a trip to Kleinsteigberg, Maked, as you write, there is not super-skin but made. The correct Gisela. I thank you very much for your Breif, but still noticed that it's haven '5 means. But J am sorry, there's another little mistake in it, just a fery sligt one. You have to say: J hope you have not forgotten me, But I'm sorry, that's immaterial. I hope that you are all well, and that you have no complaints otherwise. Best wishes to all of you

Your Fritz

Beside you can be pretty sure that I never forget you, you never understand