February 3, 1938

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Nieheim, February 3, 1938

Dear Eva and Fritz,

I am terribly sorry that I will not be in your midst tomorrow, on this important day for you, to congratulate you in person on your wedding, but, as you know, it is impossible because of my health. I would not even be able to put into words what moves my heart so deeply. From the bottom of my maternal heart, I pray to the Lord [lit. “He who controls destiny”], that He may bless your union with everything that gives life meaning, and that He may protect you in all of your endeavors. I am also confident that God, who has always stood by us thus far, will not leave you and us, even in hard times, and that He will bless you with many good and happy days. ??? -

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We will be with you in spirit tomorrow, and we will empty a glass with some good friends, toasting to your health. I also ask you to relate our congratulations to your dear parents and siblings. For you, dear Eva, Fritz, and Suse, much love and kisses


your Mama

Therese from Rolfken(?), who was just here, she also sends her congratulations and love. She also has her civil wedding next week.