June 6, 1938

( 4 documents, 1 translation )

Typed Letter

Dear P., The ship's layout is quite handy, but you can see the necessary daily in the newspapers. Do not buy a dining service. Do not buy any business objects anymore. Send me the lineup I asked for. I'll tell you what you may not be able to buy and what you might have to eat. The relationships we have to live under are not that we can stash any supplies or even have things that we will not need in the foreseeable future. It's all very different here. About elekt. I still write pots and iron. Learn to tailor only for your own use. That is enough. I have heard of ship. Get in touch with someone about the lampshade design. They write that they do not know your address. I also thought my cousin had a good practice, but it is not so. They move into a Vorott of N.H. (Yesterday I discovered a regular dung heap!) where they bought a house. And now my cousin has to see that he gets practice, so start from scratch. The bandage production still has my cousin. This business is developing slowly. With the affidavits for the people who are waiting for it, it looks bad. Worst for miners though. However, I have my cousin now so far that they are not quite as negative attitude as first. It is a delicate work. I've got L. so far now that you want to mimic Bergmann's suggestions. Please tell Ruth and tell her that I'm waiting for a letter from her. How is Frankenbers? Please call and order greetings. They did not write to me, I already told them. Tell Mr. E., he should not be so ruthless and consider the circumstances. I would have done that long enough. Mr. Stern is a car drover. He wants to pick up the baer. He has learned massage and hopes to do something with it. I hope it succeeds. His wife gets a child in September. Desmach does not work anymore, she used to be a modiste, I am glad, that you are doing well in English. The missing words you get here quickly. More important is the grammat. Document. How does Gisela like the new position? Schöm, that she deserves something again, even more beautiful, that Joachim has found the right start. I can imagine that he was tired and broken at first, but that settles. Thank you very much for your lines, according to mother, we are so happy that the whole family has something to do again. I heard from Suse that you were with your father. Suse says you are either too modest or too shy. Please show her the next time that both are not more than normal. Eva writes that business is not going very well. What are the prospects? Dear Eva, you have to learn the household practically. Theories helen there nothing. Watch how you do it best. I think I will get the first papers soon. It does not take a few months. I've got the photos by now. Hopefully your cold is over again. What did you do? In May you do not need to catch a cold anymore. I write to Ela these days. That you got the blankets, can not hurt, something is to use .. Pentecost give here, too, only 1 day, as it is with Easter and Christmas.